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Dear Campers and Boaters,
My great grandparents purchased terrain along the Vermilion River in 1936. Originally the land was used for farming on which they mindfully planted sweet corn and beans; apple, peach, and plum trees. Rich soil and the Vermilion River supplied nourishment to the newly planted crops and the shale cliffs provided shelter from storms. Their farmland would prove to provide much enjoyment for families in future decades to come.  
During the early years, Clevelanders and Sunday joy riders would ask my grandparents if they could picnic and fish along the Vermilion River. The fresh air and tranquil surroundings attracted many sightseers as picnicking and fishing became more popular. In the mid-1960’s camping became a very exciting popular pastime with the introduction of travel trailer and, of course, the Winnebago. Berta’s Campground was born! In the mid-90’s it was renamed Riverview RV Park and Marina and fisherman lined the banks along the mile long Vermilion River frontage hoping to make a catch.
My grandmother, Bertha Berta, was one of a kind: thoughtful, brave, clever, and most of all generous. She and my grandfather, Arthur Berta, set out on a life long venture to provide an environment where a community could thrive,  people would share life experiences, and gatherings of families could celebrate, relax, and enjoy nature. In the summer of 1955 Arthur envisioned himself digging a lagoon using his beloved crane. Through hard work his vision became a reality. What you see today is our marina. Pleasure boating was one of his favorite pastimes. Arthur and Bertha's dream of combining camping and boating, the best of both worlds.
Look closely at an older tree or two and you may just find a carving of a childs memories, explore the grounds and you might find an old metal basketball hoop, or an old buried treasure of sorts.  Long time campers might tell you a story of the good old days.  If you are fortunate enough to be standing alongside an older Oak or Maple tree, there is a very good chance my grandma had planted them.  In fact, she loved gardening and bright flowers. A garden was planted in honor of her passion and tenacity at the interior entrance to Riverview. 
Linda Berta Taylor

  Automobiles parked for weekend picnicking, 1967                          Bertha & Arthur Berta, 1954

Riverview RV Park & Marina

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