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Currently Accepting Reservations!

Call Linda at (440) 967-3962 or (209) 606-0848
to take a private tour or make a reservation.

You can also email us at 

We have sites for tents, truck campers, RV's, Fifth Wheels, Class C Motor Coachs. 
To view a map of the campground please click here.

Inland Campsite:
Inland campsites are postioned across the road from the marina.
The inland sites are located in the interior of the park. Many are close to the Vermilion River.
Riverfront Campsite:
Riverfront campsites are located along the Vermilion River and are very spacious ranging in dimensions from 30 by 45 feet to 30 by 90 feet. These sites provide peaceful views of the river, beautiful shale cliffs, and wilderness landscape. Located on Cliffview Lane and Lightening Bug Loop, they curve around the river’s bend. Campers built little backyard beach areas and fishing decks at the water's edge. The intergy of the levy is kept. The riverfront campsites are ideal for folks who enjoy canoeing or kayaking, as some of the sites allow campers to be cast off right into the river.
Lagoon Campsite:
Our most popular, they are ideal for campers who also have boats or boaters who enjoy camping in front of their boat dock. These campsites run parallel to the marina on North and South Lagoon Lanes. You can walk out of your camper directly onto your boat.  It is required to have a boat or watercraft to rent this type of site. However, if you have a boat or watercraft in the marina, it is not required to camp at a lagoon site. For more boating and dock information please see the Marina tab.
Provided at EACH campsite
Electric hookups 50 or 30 amps (Dependant on site)
Vermilion’s city water
Campfires Welcome
Honey Bee Sewage Service
Which campsite is the best spot for you?
Depending on how close you would like to be to your boat or the Vermilion River will determine the campsite that bests fits your desired experience. Would you like to be near an open field for children to play, near the center of the park where all the action is, or situated in the quiet tranquil area? Do you want to be near the marina, shower house, community areas, or playground? Since each campsite is unique, we recommend a visit to see which campsite fits your needs and personality.

Do you have pull through?
Yes, we have grassed campsites large enough to drive your trailer across.
These sites have 30 or 50 watt amp outlets available. Some are completely shaded.
How is sewage or black water disposed of?
A choice is offered to seasonal campers concerning sewage disposal. There is a Honeybee service which pumps out your holding tanks - this service is requires a seaonsal charge. The sewage pump Honeybee service is scheduled every two weeks for the entire season.

Our seasonal prices include winter storage for your camper, security gate access,  gray water hook up, city water, electricity, pets, and fewer than 10 guests per weekend. Please contact us via e-mail or by phone for pricing details. 





Riverview RV Park & Marina

1270 Vermilion Road Vermilion, Ohio 44089
440.967.3962 or 209.606.0848

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