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Our Campground Offers Ten Distinct Advantages and Attractions
1.   Riverview combines camping and boating together. Camp directly in front of your floating steel dock.
2.   Spacious Inland, Riverfront, and Lagoon Campsites ranging from 30 x 40 to 30 x 90 feet!
3.   Riverview provides a “Home Away From Home” atmosphere with beautiful shade trees.
4.   We do not charge for guests or family member visits under 10 people per weekend. Seasonal privilege.
5.   Riverview is located on the Vermilion – Lorain Kayak Water Trail.
6.   The peaceful flow of the Vermilion River runs along the length of the campground.
7.   Our marina is dredged annually with access to Lake Erie. Convenient watercraft trailer storage on-site.
8.   Family Owned & Operated since 1936.  Many generations of families have camped with us.
9.   Located between Cleveland and Sandusky provides easy access to 60 attractions within an hour’s drive.
10. Our tranquil landscape creates the feeling of being many miles from the city, however two minutes near   is downtown Vermilion’s quaint atmosphere of hometown shopping and restaurants.

Seasonal Testimonials

Dear Linda & Riverview,

I just want to say again to you what it has meant to me to share my summers with you and Mr. and Mrs. Berta at Riverview Park R.V. Marina for these many, many decades. With my career as a licensed administrator for nursing homes and the hectic duties that have entailed, I found your camping grounds to be my personal Shangri La for peace and quiet, enabling me to rest and relax, and be able to face the coming weekly problems. The friendships that were acquired during these decades of camping pleasures will always remain with me. Again, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks and I sincerely hope that there will be many more to come.
N. W.
Camping with us for over 50 years

Location, Location, Location! Riverview has been our “Home away from Home” since Season 2007. It’s the perfect place to experience an old-fashioned vacation… (every weekend.) Our scenic getaway takes us far away to a simpler life… campfires, the sounds of crickets at night, fishing in the river just steps away from our door, boating on the lake, watching the variety of ducks, herons, and seagulls soaring over our river. Starting our day off with enjoying a good cup of coffee outside, is a great way to experience the early morning peace & tranquility that is ours when we are here. For us, throughout the day we enjoy preparing plenty of good food over an open fire. The fresh air is not only relaxing and calming, it also has a way of increasing one’s appetite. We enjoy our seclusion out here at Riverview, we at times don’t venture out much, but when we do, town is only 1 mile away!
  Vermilion is truly a special town. Like many others, we are drawn to it’s history and nautical charm. We love, and especially our dog Jack loves the beach. Just the mention of the word or driving in that general direction sends him into a “talking” frenzy, whining until we get there. (Thankfully it’s only 5 minutes away) No matter how we chose to spend our day, there’s no need to wear a watch out here, time really does stand still. Afterall… all we need to know is “IT’s 5 O’CLOCK SOMEWHERE!! One of the biggest surprises for us has been meeting such good people and forming some deep bonds of friendship. We’ve had the good fortune to enjoy their company, share good times and many memories. Much gratitude to Linda Taylor, Management. Riverview has been a friendly, family owned business for years and they do care, we consider them our friends also.
Gary and Barbara Moore
Camping & Boating with us for 6 years


A number of years ago Debbie and I went looking for a place where we could put our boat and our camper, have our dogs, sit around the campfire in the evening, have great neighbors, and catch lots of fish. A place where the owner/operators actually smiled at you, remembered your name, and listened when you had something to say. A place where even the members you hadn't met yet gave you a big wave when you drove past their place. A place where party noise didn't keep you up all night and people were actually respectful of their fellow campers. We found that and much more at Riverview RV Park and Marina. The Taylor's are terrific people who work very hard at trying to be as accommodating as possible.  Simply a great place to have it all.

Dave & Debbie Lash
Camping & Boating with us for 8 years



Wendell and I just wanted you to know how much we love it in devil's den (campsite b-26).  We were uncertain at first if we would like the camping life style, but thanks to Linda and many of our neighbors we are wondering what took us so long.  We have always loved boating and now to keep our boat right next to our camper makes it even better.  We truly enjoy campfires with our neighbors as well as the lasting friendships we are developing.  We look forward to our mini retreat every weekend. A common statement in devils den every Sunday is "Is it Friday yet?"

Wendell and Sheri
Camping & Boating with us for 6 years



We are really looking forward to our second year at Riverview. We came for the location and are staying for the people! We had one of our new neighbors help us move stone, literally, on our first day in the park. You can sit by your own campfire and enjoy some peace and quiet, or walk around and meet some new friends. It seems like Riverview has about six "mini neighborhoods" within the park that provide variety, yet everybody seems to smile and wave when you're in their "neighborhood". While the park has a number of events on the weekends, you can be in downtown Vermilion within minutes if you want to attend a festival or just don't feel like cooking. The only thing we didn't like is the end of the camp season.

Tim and Connie
Camping with us for 5 years


Riverview RV Park & Marina

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